History of Rampí

We all know someone who, due to certain circumstances in life, has been given a nickname. It can be because of a physical feature that makes it characteristic or because it is given to him by family inheritance, or for any other reason that we can't even imagine right now.

One of these reasons, probably little known today, was the fact of living in a farmhouse or as we say in these regions, a farmer's house. As little as one takes an interest in these matters, one will know that these types of properties have a name of their own that identifies them and has identified them for all intents and purposes throughout time.

In this way, the people who lived in one of these peasant houses were called by the nickname of the house in question. Many of these people eventually kept the nickname long after they left and started a new life in the nearest towns.

Joan Tenas (1923-2017)

One of these people was my grandfather Joan Tenas Freixa who lived and worked as a masover in the Rampí house on the road to Les Llosses until he married my grandmother Remei Puig Armengol and together embarked on a new stage in the Botey colony of Ripoll where they lived and worked for the rest of their lives.

So, as can be seen from the previous explanation, my grandfather was known as the Rampí, the name with which we named this project. We wanted the name to be meaningful, and not only for us, but also for all those people who pass by and identify with the past, because you are aware that without the past we would not be here or there we would be the way we are.

Without the iron bikes of yesteryear there wouldn't be the carbon bikes of today, without the wrought iron tools of yesteryear there wouldn't be the alloy tools of today, and without the bike repair people of before there wouldn't be the people who fix bikes now either.

El Rampí was one of those people who fixed bicycles, and he did it after his working day at the Botey factory spending hours in the motorcycle and bicycle workshop "El Hogar del Motor", curiously also known for the same reason; el Puntí, nickname of its promoter Josep Palau, who was originally from this house.

El Rampí Cycling (2022)

On March 3, 2023, despite having spent almost a year gestating and building the project, we inaugurated "El Rampí Cycling" the new "Cycling Cult Center" in Ripoll. A space that aims to be a meeting place for all concerns and sensibilities related to the world of cycling.

The space is made up of a large bicycle workshop, a display of spare parts, components and accessories, a new and second-hand bicycle exhibition space and a multipurpose room for courses, talks, biomechanical studies, etc. 

We are at the disposal of all those who have or want to have a bicycle and need anything related to it, and they like to be treated with the utmost professionalism, transparency and kindness.

We invite you to visit our/your space dedicated to bicycles. With all of this, we wanted to create a welcoming and meeting place, where your bike is treated with the same respect as the memory of those who are no longer physically with us but who with initiatives like this will always live on in our memory.

Francesc X. Bonada Tenas


"Your grandparents taught you everything, except how to live without them"


 The team

Francesc X. Bonada Tenas

Ideologist and grandson of Rampí. The team's firefighter is Marc, but he has the ideas specific to this noble profession. Precisely these, and his difficulty to remain silent have given him the label of clown of the house. So we put it in the mkt and commercial part.

Marc Carós Santacreu

The one who sits to the right of the father of the holy trinity. Monsieur Carós is the soul and spearhead of the workshop. In fact, we could say that of the entire Rampí Cycling. The best hands in a parsec around. A man of few words, when he speaks everyone stop, shut up and listen. Without him we would not be here.

Joan Rodríguez Manrique

Without his privileged natural intelligence and wisdom, Rampí's day-to-day life would be very complicated, if not impossible. 85% of the time he is right and the remaining 15% divine providence gives him a helping hand. Xino is much more than a pleasant face with sunken eyes, he is basically the indispensable and real brain of the house.

Jordi Teixidó Vila

Restless, self-taught and eminent virtuoso of electronics, Dr. Schottky is the true craftsman of the engine and battery workshop. Bastion of sustainability and repair, it is capable of bringing back to life any appliance or device that has been certified dead. By the way, he also knows how to laugh and make an exquisite béchamel.

All of you

​Those who put the color note on all this. Your passion for cycling is ours. You are the force that lifts the blinds every day, the motivation that makes you learn new things and overcome ourself, the excitement of thinking about new challenges and projects. You are the cyclist and we are the bike. In short, you are the one who gives meaning to this adventure.